Being a co-op member means having a say over your housing and surrounding environment. It also means you have a responsibility to make sure your co-op is well-managed and a pleasant place to live.

Members are required to participate in the following ways:

  • Buy shares in the co-op
  • Pay a monthly housing charge (click here for current housing/share prices)
  • Attend regularly scheduled general meetings
  • Participate in running the co-op by joining a committee and taking on regular tasks
  • Help with maintenance and general clean up
  • Participate in social events

Co-ops work because each member contributes at least four (4) hours per month to available tasks.

Our little village – as we like to think of it – has developed committees to suit all interests, that contribute to the overall health and life of our co-operative.

There are many committees to choose from such as Maintenance, Landscaping, Social, Finance, Board of Directors Membership, Newsletter, and Pet. Volunteering on these committees helps us contribute to our community and become more connected with our neighbours.

Contact us to learn more about H.W. Flesher and what co-op living is all about.