Welcome to the Fitness Center

Get ready to break a sweat and join your community at the all-new HW Flesher Gym! Our compact facility is located in the corner of D garage and is easily accessible with a fob system. Simply fill out our waiver form and contact the Parking Committee to get your fob activated and start your fitness journey!

Our gym is fully equipped with a wide range of free weights, including dumbbells, a barbell, and squat rack. Plus, we’ve got a pull-up bar and resistance bands to take your workout to the next level. And don’t forget about our open floor space, perfect for yoga or calisthenics!
We take the safety and comfort of our members seriously, so we’ve posted clear rules and regulations for everyone to follow. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Let’s all keep fit and support each other in our fitness goals at HW Flesher Gym!

Click here for the Gym Rules

All members MUST sign the Waiver FORM and submit it to fitness@hwflesher.com

Gym hours: 6am – 10pm